I’m Alex, a French designer who is not really French anymore since I have left my home country almost 20 years ago.

I now live in a small village in Spain with my husband and our two beautiful children (our son Tristan is 8 and our daughter Zoé just turned 2). We recently decided to move out from the UK where we had spent the last 6 years (based in Sheffield, oh! the Peak District) to live the life we want. A life we are crafting, little by little, around our values: family, creativity, freedom and awareness.


I always knew I wanted to be an artist but I graduated in science. Ten years ago, I decided to pursue my passion for art, giving up my career and starting training in painting and art history. After two business attempts (teaching mixed media and scrapbooking, and owning a small online business with my own line of clear stamps bymelimelo on Etsy), I finally found in surface design all I ever wanted.

I want to be able to play with colours, shapes, and textures every day from anywhere in the world (we have big travel plans as a family), and make a living from my artwork! What could be better than that?


I decided that 2018 would be the year I take my dream seriously, so I signed up for Make It In Design design classes (and actually won the scholarship after that!) as a personal commitment to become a successful textile designer. I am still completing the curriculum, and the last module will start in February 2019.

I also joined the Textile Design Lab and I have been a member ever since.

As a consequence of my intensive training for these past 12 months, I have a better knowledge of the industry and of the steps I need to take to grow as a designer. I also gained strong technical skills along with the reassurance that I have a unique voice as a designer. There is room for me, and I feel ready to start selling my designs!

To begin, I am wanting to collaborate with a print studio and/or a licensing agency so I can grow my confidence and hone my skills.


On a different personal level, I became a mom and I have been a stay-a-home mom for 7 years. Maternity has been the hardest adventure of my life so far, but also the most amazing one. My children are constantly guiding me.

With time, I realised how important it is for me to be surrounded by beauty. I realised I needed my quiet place and time to be happy. I realised that I had an eye for colour and composition. That I was a true creative. A person with lots of ideas and a real talent for arts and crafts. That maybe it was my purpose after all.


Today, I am working from home, while my husband is taking care of the children, completing the modules of MIID classes, participating in TDL challenges, defining career goals and enjoying the process.

 I will not rush but I will work hard, persevere and stay focused on my WHY. The rest will come.


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