I don’t want to be part of the problem but part of the solution.

Mindless consumerism, highly contaminating and unethical textile industry, endless economic growth at all costs…

I know I won’t solve these problems by selling more textile products, but I hope to contribute to the change by showing a new way of doing and thinking business.

I choose to support local British textile manufacturer companies with decades of experience and skills that could rapidly disappear (Use it or lose it!). Not only do they print digitally on sustainable fabrics, but they also manufacture the products on site, considerably reducing our carbon imprint.

Every penny you choose to spend with Tristan&Zoé supports British makers, heritage crafts and a more sustainable and ethical textile industry.

Of course, my family too will be forever grateful for your support as your purchase contribute to our living.

Hi! I’m Alexandra, a French maker living in Sheffield, UK, with my husband and our two home-educated children. I need to be making things to be happy.

Tristan&Zoé is a slow business created around our family life and not the other way round. 


It took me years to get clarity on the kind of lifestyle and values we wanted to embody as a family.

Tristan&Zoé is about creating joy consciously and contributing to the world in a positive, ethical and honest way.

I like being creative, original, inspiring and mindful.


I want my slow business to be as transparent, ethical, sustainable and inspiring as possible.

Perfection does not exist but I believe excellence is an attainable goal .


Other women’s – and especially mothers’ – creative processes and entrepreneurial mind is always inspiring.

I interview and share the stories of fellow female creatives on the blog.


Papercuts, stamps, mark making and acrylic paint are my favourite techniques to use to create my prints. I love how they bring energy, texture and playfulness to my work.

In addition to my work, I also write about my personal experience as a mother, a slow entrepreneure and a multipassionate creative who tries her best to work and live as consciously as she can.

I hope you will find my articles helpful and inspiring.

Writing helps me stay aligned, and is a personal rebellion – and hopefully an antidote – against the culture of distraction, entertainment and noise making in the online world.

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