Alexandra selecting fabric swatches of her prints

 Like playful patterns and joyful colours?

I got you covered!

I’m a pattern designer who likes creating prints with traditional techniquesI’m mostly inspired by organic and abstract shapes and I love playing with colours!

On demand zip pouches made in the UK

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We love zipper pouches

So handy to stay organised!

+ ours are printed on demand


A colourful zipper pouch hanging with multicoloured pompoms

Tristan&Zoé is about mindful joy.

I believe we can change the world by infusing joy – inside and outside of us – in a mindful way.

Doing what we love, finding beauty in the everyday life, adding happy colours and handcrafted objects in our home. Always aware of our impact on the planet and its people.

Uplifting prints for your products or textile projects


Embodying artistic perseverance

Embodying artistic perseverance

Bea Mahan is an inspiring abstract artist from Chile who waited 20 years to be a full-time artist. Her story is one of perseverance and consistency. A real love story.

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Allowing your light to shine with Sarah Spencer

Allowing your light to shine with Sarah Spencer

Sarah understood that expressing her uniqueness in a vulnerable way only made her distinctive. People would remember her for her quirkiness, and she started caring less about what other people thought of her. She is now a multipassionate weirdo living a fulfilled creative life.

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