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After years of looking for the perfectly aligned way to use my skills and monetize them, I have come to realise that perfection does not exist (who knew?). So I’d better start in the best way I could in the present moment, and improve from there in the future.

One of the core values of my slow business is to be as ethical and eco-conscious as I can (or know). When it comes to textile products, I have decided to make some of my designs available on Spoonflower (I like the idea of supporting amateur and professional designers in their creative vision and artistic success).

And I also decided to make a selection of zipper pouches (starting with ten playful and colourful designs) available for purchase in my eshop.

several pouches aligned
all the pouches together

Why zipper pouches?

I love zipper pouches! They are useful and always come handy to stay organised.

They are accessible accessories that can upgrade your life instantly.

Use them to pack art supplies, to keep crafting tools safe, to separate the important stuff (think keys and wallet) from the rest in your handbag, to keep a notebook and a pen for journaling on the go, to travel with a sewing emergency kit or first aid kit. And if you have children, you will surely find many ideas to use pouches to organise their small toys, games or puzzles.

They also make great gifts for friends and family, and they can be used as a lovely “gift wrap” (furoshiki-style) for a small/medium size item like a book. This list is non exhaustive😊

yellow pouch full of yellow craft supplies like yarn and markers

Tristan&Zoé pouches

After months of research, and tons of patience, I finally found a good quality product to propose. Tristan&Zoé zipper pouches are:

 1. Made in the UK.

From my prints, a small British textile manufacturer expertly makes the pouches only a couple of hours drive from me. They are a company with 35 years of experience in the textile industry who already got the trust of customers like the Tate and the YSP.

 2. Made on demand.

I don’t produce if there is no demand. Meaning no stock and no waste.

You want a pouch or two? My manufacturer will print, sew and send the products to you in a few days. As simple as that.

 3. 100% organic cotton.

The designs are printed with water-based inks with digital technology on certified organic cotton.

I have kept the inside simple: only natural unbleached organic cotton.

Also, you won’t find any distracting brand labels. It’s probably contrary to any “recommended marketing practice” for successful branding, but I trust that my customers will appreciate my commitment to minimise the use of resources and energy when possible.

A colourful zipper pouch hanging with multicoloured pompoms
zipper pouch on top of two joyful books

4. Shipping in the UK only

If you live in the UK and order for the first time, you can use the code ThankU5 at checkout to get £5 off on the total of your cart, as a token of my gratitude.

I decided not to ship internationally for two reasons: taxes and carbon footprint (there is no use in producing locally if we then use air-freight to sell the product all over the planet, right?).

I hope my prints and products will bring joy to you. Your support will bring joy to me, for sure!

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