It all started back in 1977. No, just kidding!

But, yeah, it’s been a long journey. 15 years long to be exact!

From being a researcher in materials science in Barcelona, Spain, to being a full-time mom of two home-educated children in Sheffield, UK, I’ve been taking many (probably too many) classes to help me build my own creative business.

I have finally accepted that I’m a multipassionate creative.

I love making things (with my hands) and I love having ideas and sharing them.

I’m also a mindful consumer. 

The kind who reads all the labels, buys local and organic and prefers buying handcrafted products from fellow makers than mass-produced ones.

So after going through different creative ventures that did not feel aligned with my values and my life vision, I created Tristan&Zoé. It started by being a place to share my journey as a pattern designer, show my work and connect with fellow designers, and it has now evolved as a slow business that makes sense to me, is ethical, brings me and my customers joy and hopefully adds value to my community.

Tristan&Zoé is about mindful joy.

It’s a space to shop quality and sustainable products made in the UK designed to bring happy colours to your home. A space to connect, share, and grow as a community of mindful citizens. And finally, it’s a space to promote creativity and celebrate makers of all kinds.

So what do I have in store for you?

Soon, you’ll find here beautiful high-quality textile products made in the UK to brighten up your home, collections of joyful designs to use in your own textile projects, and a virtual space to connect and learn from the experience of other creative women around the world and to talk about how we contribute to the building of tomorrow’s society.

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I’m planning regular and seasonal newsletters to talk about sustainability, slow movement, creativity, joy, and motherhood. Articles to hopefully inspire and inform mindful consumers.

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