Have you heard about the Slow Food concept that was born in Italy in the 80’s in response to the first fast food McDonald’s opened in Rome? That was the start of the Slow Movement. And after Carl Honoré wrote “In praise of slow, how a worldwide movement is challenging the cult of speed” in 2004, the movement just kept growing.

The slow movement – that encourages people to live mindfully in the present – has infiltrated every aspect of life: food, travel, parenting, fashion and also business. It’s an invitation to slowing down. In a fast-paced society is not easy but it is so rewarding! You get back the joy of the little things, soaking in every minute of your precious life, consciously crafting your path based on your own values.

So what is a slow business?

Well, it is a business, meaning it makes some profits and contributes to your living, but it doesn’t maximize profits in detriment of your health, your family life or the environment. It’s about building the job you need to sustain the lifestyle you decide to have, following your own rules.

A slow business is about being intentional and staying aligned with your values in your daily work.

It implies that you need to figure out your WHY and get clear on what kind of life you want, how much money you need, and how you want to contribute (to your family, your community, the world). It is therefore personal by definition. It has to work for you and your family and does not have to please anybody else or follow any other social or business models.

A slow business is about being mindful. You’re not on autopilot and you know why you’re doing what you’re doing. You do your best and you make time for what matters to you.

Doing business the slow way means doing less but better.

At a human pace, in a human way. Saying no to anything that does not fit your vision, being more focused and therefore more productive.

Being transparent and vulnerable, respectful, and conscious of the impact of your actions on people and the environment, and on yourself- in all its dimensions -physical, emotional and spiritual.

A slow business is not about competition or perfection, but about intention.

I know, it’s always easier to write or talk about a concept or a theory than to actually walk the talk. But after all these years investing on myself and my well-being, there is no other way to contemplate my professional future than it being a slow business.

So, my intention is to build a business around all the things that make me happy and that I’m good at, to share my joy, my ideas, my knowledge, and my time, to work and live slowly, being present for my family and contributing to the world in a conscious and positive way.

I have started before being ready and I don’t have everything figured out yet. It is scary but that’s okay, I know it will evolve with time and I have decided to trust the process.


Have you heard about the concept of slow business before? Does it resonate with you and what thoughts came to your mind after reading this article? Please share your comments in the section below.

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